1. Lamination.

    Laminado / Plastificado.

    Thin film (for instance, polypropilene) applied to publication covers in order to give them a glossy or matte finishing.

  2. Landscape.

    Formato horizontal / Formato apaisado.

    Page or image format in wich X (width) is larger than Y (height).

  3. Layer.


    A feature of the Design software. The different elements in a design work are displayed independently, as in transparent sheets, so they can be individually altered without affecting the other elements. Different layers can be combined in order to create several effects.

  4. Layout.

    Maquetación / Compaginación.

    Design of a page, placing art and text.

  5. Lead-in / Kicker.


    A word or short phrase placed over a headline that introduces or complements it.

  6. Leading.

    Interlínea / Interlineado.

    Vertical spacing between lines of type. Measured in points. More specifically, is the spacing between one baseline and the next. To loose leading: “Aumentar la interlínea”. To tight leading: “Disminuir la interlínea”.

  7. Leg / Column.


    Vertical stack of text. Also vertical divisions of a grid, to place text or artwork.

  8. Legibility / Readability.


    Factor that determines how easy a page, text or typeface can be read.

  9. Letter spacing.


    In a word, amount of air between characters.

  10. Liftout quote / Quote / Pull quote.

    Cita / Destacado.

    In a story, words spoken by someone. If the quote has a graphic treatment to emphasize it (Liftout quote or Pull quote) then is called “Destacado”.

  11. Ligature.


    Character consisting of two or more joined letters. In printing or writing, stroke that joins adjacent letters.

  12. Lightweight cardboard / Foam board.

    Cartón pluma / Foam.

    Expanded polystyrene board with both sides covered with a cardboard, normally black or white.

  13. Line art.

    Trabajo de línea / Pluma.

    An image in solid black and white (no grayscale tones).

  14. Line chart / Fever chart.

    Gráfico lineal.

    Chart containing points on a graph. It shows quantities over time.

  15. Linen tester.


  16. Lining.


  17. Lining figures / Capital figures / Modern figures.

    Cifras capitales / Cifras alineadas / Cifras modernas.

    Figures that have the heigth of a typeface's capital letters.

  18. Logo / Logotype.

    Logotipo / Logo.

  19. Logotype / Logo.

    Logotipo / Logo.

  20. Lorem Ipsum / Greeking.

    Lorem Ipsum / Greeking.

    Dummy text used during the layout process.

  21. Lowercase.

    Caja baja / Minúsculas.

    Small characters of type. Type that is not capital letter.