1. Achromatic.


  2. Air.


    White space used in a story or page design.

  3. Airbrush.

    Aerógrafo / Aerografía.

    Equipment that scatters pulverized ink by using compressed air. Used in graphic artwork, fine arts and photography retouch. Photoshop has a brush with this name and this same effect for image creation or retouch.

  4. Alignment.


    Position of the multiple elements of a layout (art and type), relative to the layout itself but also to the elements, to one another. It also refers to the arrangement of the type within a line or a block of text.

  5. All caps.

    Tipografía en caja alta.

    Type using exclusively capital letters.

  6. Antique figures / Elzevirian figures.

    Cifras elzevirianas / Cifras antiguas.

    Figures based on the x-height of a typeface.

  7. Ascender.

    Asta ascendente.

    It refers to the part of a letter extending above the x-height.

  8. Attribution.


    In a quote, is the line where the source is identified.

  9. Axis.